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"The Smelll Of Breath" cartoon coming SOON!

2010-03-18 20:51:41 by IAmNinechecker

Well gang, it seems I'm about to give birth to another cartoon. It should be ready in about a week. Seriously, It didn't take me this long to do just this one cartoon! I was doing other stuff as well.
I promise!
I felt I wanted to do a wee project and turn it out in no time, but it kind of snowballed and became a little more sophisticated than I originally intended. After watching it a thousand times, I still find it funny (like wow, huh?) But when I played it to a few friends independently, they were pretty non-plussed!
Maybe you need to watch it a thousand times. Anyway, I still have faith in it and hopefully when I float it out into the big, wide world people will dig it.

It's called "Q For Cucumber - Part one: The Smell Of Breath."
Look out for it soon kids. THERE'S BOOBS IN IT!!!

Love and Hugs,


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2010-03-18 23:42:03

hooray for boobs!